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Qingzhou Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in convenient transportation, logistics developed Qingzhou. The company engaged in the development and production of gear oil pumps, gear motors, hydraulic valves. The company has excellent technical force, the use of production technology and equipment, excellent manufacturing technology, sophisticated testing equipment and continuous improvement of the quality system and manufacturing personnel.
At present, the company specializes in manufacturing gear oil pump, gear motor, hydraulic valve Three categories more than 100 series more than 2000 kinds of specifications, covering the hydraulic power components, control components ...


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    1. How to repair the wea...

      The wear part of the gear is mainly the meshing of the tooth

    2. Three problems needin...

      花开棋牌When the gear oil pump is in operation, the gap between the

    3. Main causes of wear o...

      花开棋牌The wear of internal parts of crane hydraulic pump will caus

    4. Repair method of oil ...

      Drilling RIG Gear oil pump is suitable for conveying non-sol

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    1. Four-linked hydraulic...

      Four-linked hydraulic pump running cycle long load capacity

    2. What methods should b...

      What methods should be mastered by crane hydraulic pump in d

    3. How to eliminate the ...

      How to eliminate the phenomenon of oil trapped by flow gear

    4. Necessity of inspecti...

      Necessity of inspection prior to double hydraulic pump opera

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    1. Characteristics of four-linked gear oil pump

      Quad Gear oil Pump Specifically, it is a kind of gear pump with acid resistance and wear resistance function。 According to the design provided by the utility model, an active shaft and a passive shaft are mounted on the housing, the gears are mounted on an active shaft shell part and 。。。

      January 3, 2019 Label: Quadruple Gear oil Pump Quadruple Gear oil Pump
    2. Maintenance and precautions of triple hydraulic Pump

      The oil supply method of triple hydraulic pump has two kinds of self-priming oil type, which is divided into pump plunger force oil. For the pressure of the pump hydraulic oil to choose the pressure box, there are hydraulic pump oil to complement the pump to the triple hydraulic pump inlet to supply pressure oil liquid oil absorption ...

      December 27, 2018 Label:
    3. How to determine the method analysis of the fault of double-linked hydraulic pump

      Because the production error or the double hydraulic pump in the operation process of the pressure impact plunger hydraulic pump, often so that the plunger ball head and the concave deformation of the ball nest so that the ball head and ball nest Gap increase, easy to be engulfed by disturbance ...

      December 20, 2018 Label:
    4. Characteristics and application points of stainless steel gear oil pump

      Stainless Steel gear oil pump generated by the importance of the use of concrete, in the design of the use of the structure and performance, according to the use of methods and principles of work and use, can show good advantages of characteristics and performance of liquid transport, the following describes the structure and performance of stainless steel gear oil pump ...

      December 14, 2018 Label:

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The company is mainly engaged in the development and production of gear oil pumps, gear motors, hydraulic valves and other products

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